Civil Litigation

Do you need an attorney to vigorously defend you in a business or partnership dispute?

Have you been the victim of financial fraud or elder abuse and need an attorney to help you recover what is rightfully yours?

Do you require legal assistance in collecting money that is owed to you or your business?

Is your neighbor improperly asserting an adverse interest, such as a right-of-way or easement, against your property?

Was the new or used car you purchased a Lemon?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, we can help you!

Our civil litigation department has years of experience in prosecuting and defending contested matters in court and through the alternative dispute resolution process. We handle all matters related to civil litigation, including mediation and arbitration as well as traditional courtroom litigation in both federal and state courts. Our office’s civil litigation department is focused on the following areas:

•Business Disputes

•Commercial Disputes

•Corporate/Partnership Disputes

•Real Estate Disputes

•Boundary Disputes

•Disputes Regarding Good-Faith Deposit for Purchase of Realty

•Leasing Disputes

•Breach of Contract

•Actions Against A Real Estate Broker

•Adverse Possession

•Quiet Title

•Landlord/Tenant Disputes (Including Evictions & Abandonment)


•Contractor/Construction Disputes

•Small Business Litigation

•Trademark/Tradename Litigation

•Cybersquatting/Domain Name Litigation

•Debtor/Creditor Disputes/Enforcement

•Auto Fraud/Lemon Law Claims

Our firm strives to obtain the best possible results for our clients in contested and litigated matters. We offer practical and objective legal advice to our clients, and focus on procuring the best possible solutions while considering all relevant concerns. We provide superior legal representation for individuals and businesses through trial, and throughout the entire litigation process.

We understand that our clients have different needs and operate under a variety of different circumstances. As such, we work closely with our clients to obtain results best tailored to their specific needs. Sometimes, in disputed matters, an early settlement is the most beneficial solution for our clients—other times it is not. We work with you to determine you or your businesses’ best course of conduct in the oftentimes confusing world of civil litigation. We employ the alternative dispute resolution processes, and strive to solve disputes early on, when possible, in order to save our clients time and money.

However, not all disputes are amenable to an early settlement or resolution. When early resolution is not possible, we thoroughly prepare for trial or arbitration. Our approach to winning starts early. We believe in winning cases early on, during preparation for trial or arbitration. This approach helps to facilitate the best possible settlements with opposing parties, as they know that our clients are serious about prosecuting or defending their matter through trial. This approach also helps to give our clients a better objective understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their case should the matter proceed to trial.

If you are looking for an experienced law firm to represent you or your business in a disputed matter or pending lawsuit, give us a call today at (858) 224-5865, for an initial consultation.

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